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My Great Grandfather C.C. Marshall  1860-1938

Author of the American Mastiff, Director with the American Mastiff Club 

Westminster Mastiff Judge multiple years

The American Mastiff, by Charles C. Marshall

Publication date May 1887 pp 928-934

Harpers New Monthly magazine / Volume 74, Issue 444

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My Great Grandfather, C.C. Marshall was a member and director of the American Mastiff Club. He was a rather contentious person in the mastiff world, judging mastiffs at Westminster three times, 1889 with an entry of 67, 1890 with an entry of 53, and 1891 with an entry of 48.

As was the fashion, he wrote a "judges report" on his placements.  His reports for 1890 and 1891.

1890 Westminster critiqueAKG.pdf 

1891 Westminster critiqueAKG.pdf 

Charles Marshall was also involved in fox hunting "Mr. Marshall's chief outdoor hobby was centered in fox hunting.  As an enthusiast of this sport he became the founder of the Millbrook Hunt and was master of the hounds from 1909 through 1911. He was also very fond of gardening, was an authority on dogs, having served as a judge at the Westminster Dog Show, and was a connoisseur of fine paintings"  Enclyclopedia of Biography

Excerpt from Fashions In Dog Flesh,New York Times, Feb 27, 1891

 "Some growling was heard yesterday over the awards of the judges in the classes of mastiffs, Irish setters, and pet dogs.  The feeling of dissatisfaction among exhibitors in the mastiff class was emphasized in the evening by action taken at the annual meeting of the American Mastiff Club. A motion was made to print the portrait of the head of the dog Beaufort on the official seal of the club, with Beaufort's name beneath the picture, as being the typical mastiff in America. This motion was opposed by C.C. Marshal[sic], the judge in the mastiff class, who is also a member of the club. Mr. Marshal awarded to Beaufort, in his judging at this show, only third prize, giving to the first prize to Ilford Chancellor.

Beaufort won the first prize last year at the Westminster Kennel Club’s show and also at Boston, and for several years he has been the American Mastiff Club’s official type of the American Mastiff. 

In opposing the resolution Mr. Marshal said that he did not want Beaufort’s name printed under the picture of Beaufort’s head. The club, however, voted to adopt the seal with Beaufort’s head and name on it. This is regarded as a direct slap at Mr. Marshal. The prediction was freely made yesterday among the breeders that if he was up for a judge at next year’s show there would be less than a dozen mastiffs on exhibition. 

The following officers of the American Mastiff Club were elected at last night’s meeting: President – Dr. Richard H. Derby; Vice President – R. L. Belknap, F. T. Underhill and G. G. Stephenson; Secretary and Treasurer – R. Meade; Directors- R. H. Derby, R. L. Belknap, F .T. Underhill,Robert Meade, Edward Dudley, Charles P. Fraleigh, W. P. Stevenson, J. L. Winchell, and C.C. Marshall”

Political Controversy

Later in life he wrote a piece for the Atlantic Monthly which expressed concerns about catholics in politics that was to foretell some of the very same issues Kennedy encountered.

An Open Letter to the Honorable Alfred E. Smith, Atlantic Monthly, April 1927

Contemporary reporting on the article from Time, April 1927

A recent analysis of the letter from America, the National Catholic Weekly, Oct 2003


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