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Rufus Kyniska

Sweet baby boy Rooophus

Rufus came to Kyniska from a vet hospital where his owner had turned him in, rather than pay for his care.  Rufus was very thin, riddled with worms, questionable on vaccinations, and had a bad case of pneumonia.  

The owner blamed the breeder, claiming that Rufus had been sick when he arrived via airplane from Arkansas some 3 weeks before.  

The breeder blamed the buyer, claiming that he should have brought the puppy to the vet right away.  Both were much more worried about the money than about Rufus. Rufus is the sweetest, most determined boy you could want to meet. As his vet said, "without that determination, he would never have made it".

Please consider rescuing a mastiff......

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Rufus at 6 months

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